This 9-month, face-to-face, first of its kind women’s leadership experience launches October 2013. Through its holistic and skill-based leadership development programming, practical coursework, and extraordinary opportunities for quality relationship building, Influencer Academy is closing the gap from where next-generation female leaders are to where they need–and want–to be.

Designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, Influencer Academy grows women’s confidence, ambition, and impact by cultivating their skills in such critical leadership areas as interpersonal communication, public speaking, coaching, facilitation, difficult conversations, persuasion, and negotiation. And we’re doing it at cost that individual applicants and organizations seeking to sponsor talent can easily afford. Learn more about the Program and Apply for one of a limited number of seats.

Are you interested in bringing Influencer Academy to the emerging female leaders in your organization? Contact Admissions@InfluencerAcademy.com to explore how the program can be customized and delivered throughout the year directly to your employees wherever you are located in the U.S. or Canada.



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