Thank you for saying “yes” to dialing-up your impact and applying to Influencer Academy. (Please note: If you are an organization seeking to sponsor employees, please have each individual applicant submit the form.)

Tuition for the 9-month Influencer Academy experience is $2750. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of acceptance to secure one’s seat in the 2016-2017 cohort. Remaining payment is due by September 1, 2016. (There is the option of paying $327/month for 8 consecutive months beginning September 1, 2016 after the non-refundable deposit of $500 is paid upon admittance.) If selected to participate in the program, how you will you be taking care of payment? Please check only one box below:

Application Acknowledgement
By typing my name and entering the current date below, I acknowledge my understanding that I am voluntarily and enthusiastically applying for a place in Influencer Academy, an intensive, 9-month experience designed for women who want to dial-up their impact in their companies and in their communities. By submitting my application, I recognize that I am expressing my interest in the program and am under no obligation to participate or make a payment.

If selected for an interview and ultimately invited to participate in Influencer Academy, I acknowledge my understanding that I will need to make myself available for all of the days and times of Influencer Academy sessions and that if I miss any or all of 1 or more Influencer Academy sessions, I may be asked to make up any missed experiences the following year in order to graduate.

By submitting this application, I honor my understanding of the Influencer Academy tuition and my ability to make full payment based on one of the options presented above.