Alexia Vernon and Influencer Academy have been chronicled in a variety of publications for her/their unique approach to developing the next generation of female leaders.


las-vegas-review-journalLas Vegas Review-Journal

“Las Vegas is dialing up its girl power…Founded by Alexia Vernon [Influencer Academy is a] nine-month leadership program devoted to teaching women how to speak with confidence and competence while keeping their own style. “It’s an opportunity for women leaders who are already doing fantastic work to expand on their skill set and dial up their impact in their companies,” Vernon said.” Read the full article.


LasVegasWomanLas Vegas Woman Magazine

“Along with public speaking and executive coaching, Vernon is an author and the creator of Step Into Your Moxie, a women’s empowerment platform. She is the founder of Influencer Academy, a nine-month women’s leadership development experience. Influencer Academy is designed for rising female leaders who are ready to grow their confidence, ambition, and impact by cultivating their skills in such critical leadership areas as public speaking, coaching, interpersonal communication, persuasion, negotiation and facilitating difficult conversations.” Read the full article.


vegas_sevenVegas Seven

“Alexia Vernon is holding a mic and surveying a roomful of well-dressed women chatting over wine and juice shots. Only someone who’s danced and performed since childhood could stand so tall and relaxed in spiked heels and a short dress stretched over a five-month-pregnant belly…The one-off mixer and panel discussion serves as a teaser to Influencer Academy, Vernon’s nine-month program for helping women kick their professional lives up a notch.” Read the full article.


Praise from Influencer Academy Participants

“Everything about Alexia’s facilitation style knocked my socks off but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each woman exactly where she is and gently move her towards achieving her goals. Companies who sponsor will gain employees who are better speakers, better coaches, better negotiators and better leaders – able to grow the potential of others in their organization.”

Lynn Barboza
HR Manager, City of Las Vegas

“Influencer Academy has given me practical ways to be a good leader to the teams I lead. Alexia is a very knowledgeable teacher and coach and makes the learning environment comfortable, fun and interactive. Companies sponsoring employees benefit by gaining stronger managers who lead productive (and happy) teams.”

Carissa Begonia
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Zappos

“Thank you for being such a tremendous role model and showing that it’s okay not to be perfect, to ask for help, not to feel shame or guilt and so much more!  I wish we could meet every day because I am inspired after each session. I have learned so much from you during the last few months and am so appreciative to have you in my life!”

Ericka Aviles
Founder and Owner, Ericka Aviles Consulting

“Influencer Academy has challenged my notion of success, goals, influence, and what it means to be truly genuine/authentic. Alexia not only is able to inspire, she is also amazing at being vulnerable and connecting that to true success. She has taken me from being comfortable and discontent to uncomfortable and energized. My company sponsored my participation, and the payoff has been improved peer-to-peer interactions, re-energized projects and most importantly as a member of management, I now speak from an authentic place and not just the “right” place.”

Dasya Duckworth
HR Consultant and Trainer

“IA has helped me look at and shape the “big picture” of my career and life as I go through a professional transition. The tools address practical and emotional aspects of making positive changes — the training and role playing reinforce what I needed to learn (in some cases re-learn) to move forward in a planned, intuitive way that I feel good about. Alexia is a brilliant combination of trainer, coach and sounding board. This program has just the right amount of teaching and “hands on” experiences and exercises. I LOVE that there is a “final project” required to “graduate.” Everything Alexia teaches is relevant to me as a professional online writer and co-founder of a product based business. There is NOTHING like participating in a well crafted, well presented, integrative program. Because I was in a transition when I enrolled, I was in a unique place to take the material and run with it. I’ve never moved so fast within a program or experienced such immediate results.”

Stefanie Frank
Entrepreneur, Online Content Writer, Triathlete, and Co-founder of Frankly Good Coffee

“Influencer Academy has allowed me to identify and explore my personal and professional strengths. With Alexia’s guidance I have been given the freedom to express my feelings, identify barriers to my influence, and to celebrate my victories!”

Stephenie Ireland
Sales Manager, Boral Roofing

“If you want to improve your public speaking skills, increase your influence, or explore opportunities in personal and professional development, Influencer Academy is a must. Doesn’t every employer want their employees to not only reach their own potential, but also have the ability to help other employees do the same?!”

Sarah McCrea, BSN, EMT-P
Emergency Medical Services Quality Improvement Coordinator, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

“Influencer Academy has empowered me to tap into my core values and apply them to take the next steps in my career. Alexia’s use of metaphors and real life situations enables those ‘ah-ha’ moments to continually surface. IA brings together women from many different industries, making even more learning opportunities happen.”

Katharine Meczka
Director of Campaign Marketing, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

“Influencer Academy has been so helpful to me in my journey towards my presidency with the Junior League. I’ve gained confidence, self-assurance and a focus I could not have found in any other setting.”

Sonnya DeBonis
Junior League of Las Vegas

“Influencer Academy has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. It’s a must for women who are leaders or who want to be.”

Toshia Shaw
Founder and Executive Director, Purple W.I.N.G.S. and Transformational Life Coach


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